Welcome to Professional Pensions Live!
 Here is some useful information to help you login and navigate our virtual event platform 

Watch our walkthrough video to help you navigate Professional Pensions Live:

This is where all of the live sessions will be streamed throughout the event. Whilst watching live sessions, you'll have the chance to pose questions to the speakers

 Sponsors Hall 
 Here you can visit sponsor booths to chat with their experts and access any relevant resources, as well as being able save them to your event bag to review later

 Networking Area
 Here you can chat with other delegates throughout the event and view important event announcements

 Help Desk
 Speak with a member of our team if you have any queries during the event via our live chat function 

Competition - Treasure Hunt

During PP Live, we will be running a Treasure Hunt. Simply collect hidden ‘letters’ from various stands in our exhibition hall. Once you think you have all of the letters to form a relevant word, return to the lobby, click on the treasure chest and enter the word. If you’re correct, you’ll be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win either a Fitbit, a Kindle, as well as some other great prizes!

We hope you find this information helpful, however should you have any queries, please do get in touch with a member of our team