Monday 13th - 15th July 2020

The industry’s largest virtual conference & exhibition

We are excited to announce that Professional Pensions Live will now take place as a virtual conference and exhibition between
Monday 13th – 15th July 2020, running from 10am to 2:30pm on each day and is set to be the industry’s largest virtual gathering.

Recent research with the Professional Pensions audience indicates that the vast majority of the industry are not planning to return to their offices and resume face-to-face business until much later this year. However, in this time of great uncertainty, there remains a great need for understanding the latest developments in pensions and the challenges facing the industry.

 What can you expect from the ‘virtual’ Professional Pensions Live:

  • The event will be facilitated on easy to navigate virtual event technology which is user-friendly
  • Stay up-to-date with all the key industry updates in light of these unprecedented times
  • Remain connected with your industry peers which has never been more important
  • As a virtual event we can extend our reach of delegates that wouldn’t usually travel to London to provide you with even more connections
  • Enjoy both a conference and exhibition format in the same virtual space
  • Engage in a variety of interactive sessions including panel debates, streamed sessions, workshops and virtual networking breaks.

Our programme will consist of three parallel streams so you can ‘pick and mix’ from a selection of DB, DC, Trustee Focused topics, and workshops.

PLUS, You will also have the opportunity to tune in to any of the live sessions that you missed on demand after the event.

This event is working towards the International Standard ISO 20121 and follows guidance set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA)

Event Countdown


    Professional Pensions Live is specifically researched and developed for in-house pension and benefit scheme representatives. Please refer to the full description below. It will be of particular benefit to professionals with the following job functions:

    Chair of Trustees
     Heads of Pensions/Benefits
     Pensions Admin Managers
     Pension Scheme Directors/Managers
     Benefits Managers
     Company Secretaries
     HR Directors/Managers

    If you do not meet the criteria above, we do offer limited paid delegate passes which you can find more information about and purchase using this link. More information about delegate criteria can be found here.

    Day 1

    Browse the exhibition hall and catch up with your peers

    Delegates log in, network and browse the exhibition area


    Welcome from Jonathan Stapleton, Editor, Professional Pensions

    Opening keynote address

    Charles Counsell, Chief Executive, The Pensions Regulator

    Time to pick a stream!

    Please now select one of our three streams available

    DB Schemes

    How the CMA’s recommendations have affected schemes

    Partner insight session 

    Partner insight session: GMP Equalisation

    Guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) equalisation has soared to the top of pension schemes' to-do lists, with 58% stating it is a priority project. Yet, most schemes haven’t yet chosen a GMP equalisation method and are awaiting further guidance and legal clarifications. Things are, however, becoming clearer and the GMP Equalisation Working Group has begun to publish guidance to help schemes resolve the issue. This session will look at where we are now with GMP Equalisation and look at the admin and data steps schemes need to take to complete the project and the pitfalls.

    Refreshment and networking break

    Please use this time to browse our exhibition area, grab yourself some lunch and take part in one of our workshops


    Consolidation can help schemes to reduce costs per member, improve governance, and lead to more effective investment strategies through economies of scale. But it is necessary to recognise there is an array of options which should be considered; the answer for each scheme depends on its own objectives, goals, and circumstances.

    • Superfunds

    • DB Master Trusts

    • Buy out

    DC Schemes

    Partner insight session - Sustainability: integrating risks of the future

    As trustees consider new regulation requiring them to incorporate ESG into their investment principles, recognition of the risks posed by unsustainable business practices continues to grow. In this session, we will discuss the questions of how can future sustainability risks be taken into account and how can the social and environmental impact of companies be measured?

    Partner insight session: How diverse is your default?

    As the majority of savers are in the default, provider decisions on how to structure these strategies will have a significant impact on member outcomes. However, DC providers have taken very different investment approaches in the growth and consolidation phases. Allocation to equities, bonds and other asset classes can vary dramatically between default funds. This session will assess if there is a perfect model for the default comparing equities, fixed income and alternative investments in the growth stage.

    Refreshment and networking break

    Please use this time to browse our exhibition area, grab yourself some lunch and take part in one of our workshops

    PANEL: What is best practice for DC Investment

    This panel discuss innovation in the DC market and schemes that are leading the revolution in attitudes to investment.

    Trustee Focus

    Partner Insight session: Are members ill-prepared for the risks of accessing their pensions?

    Wealth at Work conducted some research with the Pensions Management Institute (PMI) - revealed 81% of the trustees surveyed believed members are not properly equipped to deal with the tax implications of accessing their pension, following the introduction of Freedom and Choice in 2015. Despite the fears for scheme members, the survey found a lack of support, with just over a third (35%) of trustees surveyed providing financial education for their members. Just 21% of trustees revealed they are providing or facilitating regulated advice for their members at retirement. This session will tackle the best way to provide financial education to members.

    Partner insight session: End game journey planning

    TPR are actively asking trustees how their schemes are approaching their endgame and at the same time, they’re also scrutinising the relationship between dividends and deficit contributions paid by sponsors of DB plans. Companies paying dividends that are higher than the deficit contributions should expect more focus and challenge on this from their trustees and the Regulator. This session will assess:

    • Setting objectives that are right for your scheme

    • Identifying appropriate projects and milestones to meet your schemes end game.

    Refreshment and networking break

    Please use this time to browse our exhibition area, grab yourself some lunch and take part in one of our workshops

    PANEL: Future of Trusteeship

    The Pensions Regulator has been very clear that they expect trustee boards to improve the standards of governance. Asking a number of questions that this session will cover:

    • Should there be an accredited professional Trustee on every board

    • Can sole trustees effectively run pension schemes

    Closing Keynote: Pensions dashbaord

    Chris Curry, Principal, Pensions Dashboards Industry Delivery Group

    Chairman's closing remarks

    James Phillips, Deputy Editor, Professional Pensions

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    Highlights from the 2019 event:


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