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Stream 3 - Admin, Data & Governance

Keep Calm and Admin On: Overcoming Regulatory and Political Hurdles

In light of the recent regulatory developments in the pensions sector and the prevailing political uncertainty surrounding potential elections, administrative challenges are escalating. The market is already grappling with skill gaps and resource shortages, increasing the pressure on administrators. Despite these hurdles, administrators are tasked with the crucial responsibility of meeting the escalating demands placed upon them.

This session will address:

  • What are the admin and data challenges of new legislation and regulations
  • Should administrators be regulated, and if so, what does this look like?
  • How does political uncertainty affect admin and data
  • How can we best overcome these challenges and best prepare for an uncertain future?
Stretched Too Thin: Tackling Resourcing Challenges

The admin market is facing skill gaps and resourcing shortages, yet demands are being made which administrators need to meet. In a race against time to get data sorted, many trustees and sponsors want to take advantage of the opportunity to insure their benefits fully or partly. Yet, many schemes now have a real focus on getting their data buyout ready, whilst simultaneously dealing with GMP equalisation and pensions dashboards. With administrators stretched at a time where perfection is key, what can we as an industry do to resolve this capacity crisis and ensure the highest quality service?

This session will address: 

  • How can we ensure good service with recruitment restraints?
  • How do we ensure knowledge is retained when people move on?
  • How can we remove the "administration" stigma and highlight the role administration plays in wider pension scheme management and individual scheme journeys?
  • What is the role of a trustee to drive pension administration excellence?
Know The Ropes: The Future of Trusteeship

Last year, a consultation on trustee skills and registration aimed to enhance trustee capabilities and eliminate barriers to sound investment decisions. The trustee role is challenging and carries significant responsibility, requiring proper support, skills, knowledge, and experience for optimal outcomes for pension savers. Many DB sponsors anticipate a rise in the utilisation of professional independent trustees. Yet, the question remains: how will this affect board diversity and compromise the collective trustee board?

This session will address:

  • What does the future of trusteeship look like?
  • How do you ensure you have got the right skillset to be able to be ready for future decisions?
  • What are the practical steps for upskilling? What is the value of lay and member nominated trustees?
  • Does sole trusteeship affect DEI values and ESOG?
Co-Chief Executive
Associate Director

Sustainability: The Driving Force for The Future of Pensions

While addressing energy shocks, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and recession risks, tactical responses should align with long-term sustainability goals. Companies are urged to adhere to the TCFD framework, integrating it into business models, financial planning, incentives, and engagement with value chains and governments. Maintaining transparent dialogue among investors, companies, governments, and civil society is crucial for navigating current challenges. Our collective commitment is essential for building a sustainable future, understanding that companies' long-term success is intertwined with a thriving planet and society.

This session will address:

  • In an industry where greenwashing can occur, what genuine processes are being made to aid a sustainable future?
  • What is the importance of looking at nature alongside climate, and should we be using more of a qualitative approach versus quantitative?
  • What are the practical steps in upskilling to understand what sustainable resistant funds look like and what role should be taking in pushing service providers?
  • Is TCFD worth doing and would transition plans for pension funds be better off with TCFD reporting?
Associate Director
Access All Areas: Fiduciary Management Under the Looking Glass

In recent years, the fiduciary management market experienced substantial growth in clients and assets under management. However, 2022 witnessed the first notable decline in asset values and client growth in over a decade. Fiduciary management has encountered challenges from factors such as Covid, the CMA retender process, and the LDI crisis.

This session will address:

  • What are the pros and cons of Fiduciary management and who is it best suited for?
  • How can smaller schemes access fiduciary management?
  • How can schemes consider impact investing whilst meeting fiduciary obligations?
Members Matter: Best Preparing Your Members for Retirement
As savers near retirement, there's growing concern among members about understanding their pension plans. Our responsibility is to prepare members for retirement, a task that will only become more crucial over time. Addressing the advice gap, we must adopt modern engagement strategies in the increasingly automated and digital landscape. Recognizing challenges ahead is essential for pension firms, aiming not just for tomorrow but the foreseeable future. The primary goal is achieving better saver outcomes, serving as the key measure of success for our industry.
This session will address:
  • How do you prepare members for retirement?
  • How can we encourage members to save more?
  • How can we use other tools such as gamification and AI to increase engagement?