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Managing Risk for ESG Factors

Pension schemes are faced with stricter compliance and legislation when reporting on climate-related risks and opportunities.

What is needed to establish a more robust governance process around ESG factor reporting? Does there need to be more understanding and skill from trustees, investment consultants and other stakeholders around climate-related risk? How are schemes completing their TCFD and TNFD reporting?

Next Gen Open Forum: How to Make Pensions an Attractive Career?

The perception of a career in the pensions industry is often characterised by call centres and individuals attempting to solicit retirement funds from elderly individuals. Despite the presence of some virtuous individuals in the industry, there is a common perception of many individuals looking to profit at the expense of others, resulting in a lack of trust from the general public. When it comes to entering the market, there is a view that the pensions industry are uniformly "pale, male, and stale."

This panel discussion seeks to challenge these negative stereotypes and explore the following topics:

  • Underrepresented aspects of a career in the pensions industry 
  • Potential sources of new and diverse recruitment pathways
Consumer Protection for Pensions Dashboards

The pensions dashboards Consumer Protection regulation has actioned the necessary framework to ensure that the dashboard minimises harm for consumers, but brings a host of challenges for many stakeholders. Compliance with CP requirements will require collaboration and coordination between multiple roles, including data protection, legal, providers and service representatives.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • The key elements of the Consumer Protection framework
  • The roles required to ensure dashboard compliance
  • Strategies for handling complex data, ensuring data privacy and providing an accessible experience

Modern Methods of Member Engagement

Member engagement and communications is a long and continued subject of this industry - but is it really working? In this session, we will discuss:

  • Engaging the generation starting to build & grow their pensions
  • Rethinking digital strategy and outreach methods
  • Collecting and harnessing data into usable metrics and reporting
A Year In Review: Emerging Markets Just Transition Investment Initiative

Pensions schemes across the UK have committed to their net zero targets, and the Emerging Market Just Transition Investment Initiative providing an industry view of commitment and accountability. To what effect has this had on pensions in the last year since the formation of the initiative?