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Panel: The Practicalities of Dashboards

Dashboards is here, but there is a long road ahead. With the first round of connections made, we can start to see the strengths and pitfalls of the process. In this session, we will look at the practical side of dashboards and answer the questions of those who are coming up to their connection deadlines.

This session will address:

  • How are we implementing dashboards?
  • What did early connectors find as the common challenges and missteps? 
  • How are the administrators cleaning the data in time?
  • How will the administrators cope with the timescales?
Pensions Dashboard Programme & Money & Pension Service
Session 2 TBC

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What Affects the Level of Confidence in Member's Retirement Savings & Decision?

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Business Development Manager
Trafalgar House


The Capacity Crunch: Tackling the Resource Shortage

Whilst the industry grows, some functions are feeling a pinch when it comes to resourcing, especially within administration. There's a storm on the horizon, with more DB schemes looking at a realistic endgame, and pensions administrators are feeling the pressure increase.

As day-to-day administrators are becoming a scarce resource, and recruiting and retaining workers is becoming more difficult, the industry is grasping to fix the shortage. In a function where continuity is essential, what needs to be done?

In this session, attendees will uncover:

  • What innovations can be made to fix part of the resourcing issue?
  • What support options do pensions administrators have?
  • What training programmes and administration qualifications could help encourage and attract new talent into the industry?
Pension Scams: Threats To Look Out For

In recent years, scamming tactics have become more fierce and sophisticated, and the financial and emotional impact to members is devastating. With further wait for more regulation to prevent scamming and strengthen defences, the pensions industry needs to arm themselves with better tools to educate and assist members against the ever-growing threat of scams.

In this session, we will discuss:

  • What are the most frequent & most successful methods of scamming members?
  • What support is available for members?
  • What can schemes do to prevent and protect their members?