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Panel: The Practicalities of Dashboards

Dashboards is here, but there is a long road ahead. With the first round of connections made, we can start to see the strengths and pitfalls of the process. In this session, we will look at the practical side of dashboards and answer the questions of those who are coming up to their connection deadlines.

This session will address:

  • How are we implementing dashboards?
  • What did early connectors find as the common challenges and missteps? 
  • How are the administrators cleaning the data in time?
  • How will the administrators cope with the timescales?
Pensions Dashboard Programme & Money & Pension Service
Data Preparation for Dashboards

In this session, we will explore the critical steps involved in getting the data ready to unlock the full potential of dashboard connectivity. Discover the art of collecting, integrating, cleansing, and transforming data, paving the way for accurate and high-quality dashboards. Gain insights into the unexpected challenges that often arise during the data preparation process and learn effective strategies to overcome them. Don't miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of data preparation's vital role in harnessing the true power of dashboards.

Commercial Director
Target Professional Services
Keeping Trust Alive: Strategies For Effective Pensions Administration

Trust is a crucial emotion that greatly influences the decisions and actions we make. However, in a pensions world of complexity, negative news, and warnings, it is easy for trust to erode or be forgotten.

In this speaking session, Daniel Taylor will present the results of Trafalgar House's research on the public's level of trust and confidence in the pensions sector. The discussion will focus on the various factors that shape this thinking, including the public's preferred delivery methods for pension services and their overall perceptions of the industry.

Additionally, the session will explore actionable strategies for administration that can help build trust, increase engagement, and support members in achieving better retirement outcomes.

Client Director
Trafalgar House

The Capacity Crunch: Tackling the Resource Shortage

Whilst the industry grows, some functions are feeling a pinch when it comes to resourcing, especially within administration. There's a storm on the horizon, with more DB schemes looking at a realistic endgame, and pensions administrators are feeling the pressure increase.

As day-to-day administrators are becoming a scarce resource, and recruiting and retaining workers is becoming more difficult, the industry is grasping to fix the shortage. In a function where continuity is essential, what needs to be done?

In this session, attendees will uncover:

  • What innovations can be made to fix part of the resourcing issue?
  • What support options do pensions administrators have?
  • What training programmes and administration qualifications could help encourage and attract new talent into the industry?
Chief Growth Officer
Capita Pensions Solutions
Learning From Experience: Modern Day Pension Scams

The Pensions Scam Industry Group (PSIG) investigates and collects the latest cases and experience of pensions scams in the UK. This session will be discuss the new pension scams legislation and the impact of the guidance, some recent cases of pension scams, how they work and how they can be avoid.

Pension Scams Industry Group