Paul Tinslay DipPFS AMAPPT
Paul Tinslay DipPFS AMAPPT
Professional Trustee
Dalriada Trustees

Paul Tinslay DipPFS AMAPPT With 35 years in the Life and Pensions Industry, Paul has the very rare experience of having been a personal financial adviser, a corporate pensions adviser and now a fully accredited Professional Trustee.

Paul is a member of the Personal Finance Society, CII, PMI and fully accredited member of the APPT. Paul’s trustee appointments include DC, DB and EGLAS arrangements, acting as co-trustee and lead trustee on sole trustee appointments. Paul is also appointed to GPP governance committees.

Before joining Dalriada Trustees, Paul was Head of DB & DC Governance Proposition at JLT. He has a history of working with pension providers to develop pension products and policymakers to develop pensions legislation. Paul worked with HMRC and the Government Actuary’s Department to develop the original income drawdown legislation and more recently was a member of the consultative committee that assisted the DWP to transpose the IORP II pension governance requirements into UK legislation, which has led to the Effective System of Governance (ESoG) and Own Risk Assessment (ORA) requirements.