Antony Barker
Antony Barker
Managing Director
The Pension Superfund

Antony is the Managing Director of the Pension SuperFund, the UK’s first full defined benefit scheme consolidator He is the former pensions director and CIO at Santander UK where he delivered a 15% pa return for the award-winning £11bn fund, creating an innovative portfolio of investments.

He is credited with consolidating the bank's seven legacy pension arrangements into a single operating business, driving out costs and improving the tax and risk management. With a degree in Banking & Finance, Antony trained as an actuary and still oversees the South African investment exams. His international career with Deloitte, BNP Paribas and Mercer spans corporate finance, banking, insurance, supra-nationals and governments covering both assets and liabilities as advisor, owner and manager.

As well as developing the UK’s first consultant-offered fiduciary management service, he was seconded to the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions to create the Pension Protection Fund and personal accounts (now NEST), advised on the Ogden discount rate for damages claims and set the decommissioning funding arrangements of the UK’s new nuclear power programme.

He led the team that restructured the United Nations $50bn pension investment service and was a strategic adviser to the Swedish AP-fonden superfunds.